I know concretE it's not hard

So I'm a Canadian girl, I have been around the sun 16 times and I reblog supernatural, superwholoch, avengers and lotr anything funny and i don't even know any more.


your boobs are real? great! your boobs are fake? thats pretty cool too. you erased the memories of your classmates and forced them into a school of mutual killing? wow thats kind of

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also as a guy even if ur behaviour is not misogynistic ur silence is. if ur guy friends are treating women badly saying misogynistic things n being general shits and u say nothing n don’t call them out of it then u are JUST as bad. I’ve met a few guys i wouldn’t call misogynistic but they associate w men who are disgusting n don’t call them out n so to me they are just as bad. if u are not making ur spaces feminist n safe 4 women then u are anti-women.

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